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Sara Minarik Applegate was born and raised in Reston, Virginia, and graduated from South Lakes High School, completing her degree in only three years.  She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, the oldest art school in the country, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in printmaking in 1997.  She also spent one year at the California College of Arts and Crafts in an exchange program where, besides printmaking courses, she was able to study artist's bookmaking, papermaking and holography.  Her first piece of artwork to sell went to 2 museums in China in 1995.  Her work has been collected by Actress Rosie O'Donnell, Singer Madonna and Author Anne Rice of Interview with a Vampire. 
Sara has been framing for forteen years and has won awards for her work.  Her Mickey Mouse Mat won a national competition for mat design.  She specializes in unique mat designs and unusual presentations of artwork.  Her goal for the gallery is to carry mainly local artists and to offer a wide variety of styles and subjects.  She tries to meet each artist personally and know as much about them as possible to pass on to the viewers.
Below please read the artist’s statement from her thesis show in May 1997.
Dissect (di sekt’), v.t.   1. To cut apart (an animal body, plant, etc.) to examine the structure, relation of parts, or the like. 2. To examine minutely part by part; analyze.
Dissection (di sek’ shen), n.   1. The act of dissecting
My work analyzes the relationship between the body and the rest of nature. As humans, we treat our bodies in one of two ways:  We degrade them, mistreat them and disregard them, or we ogle them and treat them as mere objects. We do the same with the natural world around us. We ignore it, tear it down, poison it and disease it. My work is not meant to be a protest of pollution or of pornography. It is meant to point out the beauty and connection between our bodies and nature, and to emphasize our need to stop and appreciate the simplicity of that connection.


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